Originally from Fife (Scotland) but currently based in London. Orlando Britain produces techno and deep house inspired partly by innovators such as jeff mills, juan atkins and basic channel (to name but a few) but also by the experience of hearing house and techno in a club and the feeling within it induces. The majority of his music is about trying to re-create the vibe experienced on the dancefloor.

He runs his own vinyl label, Eastbound Recordings and also has releases on influntial labels such as Yore, Undertones, Finest Blend, Night Drive Music, Elektrax and Stimulus.

Orlando also loves collecting and mixing vinyl, everything from deep detroit/chicago/disco influenced house through to hard edged techno (and the stuff inbetween!). You can download some of his sets on the mixes page or check out this one below.

House 2 Techno – Deeper Journeys 1 by Orlando B on Mixcloud